Our Service:
Apollo delivers quality services including marketing concepts creation, events planning and organizing, media and public relations development, advertising & promotion and marketing plan etc. All aimed at initiating and facilitating processes that assist clients to meet their business objective. From whimsical to corporate, from extravagant to subtly elegant, Apollo has offered our clients with the desired and executable strategy to enhance their company's images and achieve their targets through a range of one-stop services.

Our Commitment:
At Apollo, we believe on "First Impression Matters"! Our devoutness, conscientious and cooperative manner speaks more than an impressive business card or a firm handshake. Our professional problem-solving skills, smart budgeting techniques, and flexible working style helps our clients to tailor-make assorted programs. We are committed to go your deep heart and establish what you love and expected. We proud of ourselves on cooperating with our clients as friends and have developed a set of values supporting our goal that we pledge to uphold in Apollo every day.

Our Vision and Mission:
Our vision "Unlimited Originality Space" drives our company's creative philosophy. Our team is energetic, enthusiasm and motivated with professional knowledge and creativity. Our primary task is assistance in our clients to make every success in their business. To enhance our clients' success in the marketplace, we provide marketing counsel and direction that stimulate their business growth, improve their strategic focus, and facilitate achievement of strategic goals in the long run.

Future Development:
Apollo stations in Hong Kong, with our continuous development, we opened our first overseas branch in Macau. We believe in our competence to serving the clients in Hong Kong and Macau, and continue to differentiate us from other companies. Indeed, our development steps will never stop. Looking ahead, Apollo is well positioned to benefit from the rising demand for quality services and the booming market in Mainland China.
"To be the leading provider of marketing strategic and event management services in the Greater China."